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Mykonos Villas maintenance

Mego has established a new strategic partnership with Threpsiadi-Pools that is active in the field of swimming pools.  Threpsiadi-Pools experience and technical knowhow will contribute in the provision of enhanced services with respect to swimming pools construction and maintenance.

Main focus is on the provision of consulting during the design phase, the construction phase and finally maintenance phase.

Design phase concludes:

  • Pool architectural master plan design
  • Statics design
  • Electromechanical design
  • Proposal for equipment specification
  • Licensing from local regulator.

Construction phase concludes:

  • Concrete works, wall mounted equipment casting
  • Pool concrete framework insulation-waterproofing
  • Pool plastering and leveling
  • Final surface coating, mosaic tiles, paint, plaster, sand coating
  • Hydrolic & Electrical networks construction
  • Equipment installation and interconnection

Maintenance phase concludes:

  • Equipment room inspection prior to season start
  • Pool cleaning and disinfection prior to filling with water
  • Paint application/renovation
  • Filters and pump maintenance
  • Chemical level inspection, daily, weekly.
  • Water treatment through chemicals dosing
  • Pool basin cleaning, overflow channel, skimmers cleaning
  • Filtering media substitution with sand glass yearly required (according to DIN)
  • Chemicals procurement
  • Dosing & UV equipment procurement
  • Spare parts procurement
  • Equipment repair/substitution
  • Pool and pool equipment service upon end of season(winterizing)